There is a good reason why companies with OSHA-approved products like Kelley, Serco, PFlow and TKO Dock Doors trust Paul Reilly Company with selling, installing and servicing their products: we’ve earned their trust.

Since Paul Reilly founded our company in 1977, we have been focusing on high-quality equipment and high integrity in our field service. Our team of 60 employees has an average of 10 years with Paul Reilly Company, strengthening our experience to better serve you, our valued customers.

As your needs evolve, we at Paul Reilly Company have the ability to react quickly to your needs. One example is our eco-friendly product offerings. Well ahead of the green movement curve, we began selling eco-friendly dock levelers as early as 2003. Today we offer green product alternatives to help you minimize your carbon footprint or satisfy potential government or corporate mandates.

As Paul Reilly Company looks to the future, we want to remain the Midwest’s leading industrial equipment supplier, and we hope you are part of the reason because we’ve earned your trust.

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