Quad Graphics-Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

The management of the vast Quad/Graphics distribution center in Menomonee Falls, WI optimizes use of their space by shortening the distance from the floor to the door when moving pallets of product through their supply chain. This is part of their effort to save money on their cross-country trips even before product sets out on the journey. The SERCO® equipment on their loading dock makes sure that the doorway they need is available every time.
PDF Quad DC Case Study (PDF – 2.02KB)

Johnson Diversey-Sturtevant, Wisconsin

The Johnson family has a long time connection toward protecting the environment. In launching a massive DC project for their JohnsonDiversey company, management chose to build towards a LEED Silver certification and ended up earning Gold. Kelley Company dock equipment helped Johnson Diversey fulfill the mission of this sustainability program.

PDF Johnson Diversey Case Study (PDF – 675KB)