“Over the last ten years, we have grown to be the largest owner of industrial real estate in Wisconsin and one of the fastest-growing private owners of industrial real estate across the United States. Mike, Brian, and the entire Paul Reilly Company have been there with us the entire way to find cost-effective solutions and value-added loading dock suggestions. Its dock systems and network of contractors is unique-for us, this has meant it was able to scale with us as we have grown our footprint across 23 states.

Paul Reilly has been an excellent partner to Phoenix Investors.”

Frank P. Crivello
Phoenix Investors, LLC

“We have been doing business with the Paul Reilly Company as an end user for well over 20 years and they distribute a quality product. What really gives us the “value added” is their customer service. To make a single phone call and cover a national account is time well saved. They understand our applications and make recommendations, and never oversell items that add no value to our operations. Their field service people are true safety minded professionals with our best interest in mind. When on site they follow our safety and security policies to the letter. Their sales staff is knowledgeable and resourceful and always willing to take that extra step. In today’s market anybody can buy technology, but what sets them apart is the continued support and service after the sale.”

Quad/Graphics Corporate Distribution Services Management

“Mike, as you know, we went from manual dock plates at our old building to verticals at our new. After a few site visits viewing different types of vertical levelers we decided that Serco was product that we wanted for our new facility. We had done the same research on our dock seals and even did a side by side demo at our old building to see how different manufacturers would stand up to our operation before making a decision. Your products were, by far, the best for our operation.

At the beginning there was allot of uncertainty on our part and you made us feel very comfortable. You worked with us to accommodate all the changes we made. You made sure that the pit height was able to accommodate the variance in our trailers. You’ve bent over backwards to make sure we had a quality product that worked best for our operation. From the start our project went off without a hitch. You were able to meet our build schedule and I was very pleased with your installer’s attention to detail.

It’s been over a year now and we have had only a few minor problems, all of which were attended to immediately and you covered under warrantee. Our dock door damage has been reduced to zero due to the vertical dock plates. Although it’s difficult to put a number to it, our energy costs have been significantly reduced and our employees are more content working in an environment that has little or no drafts.

While looking across the dock, the clean uniform look is outstanding and has been commented on by many of the visitors we have come through. Your equipment has performed very well and has added to the efficiency of our operation. I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for all your efforts. “

Ron Feehan
Maintenance Manager
Michael Lewis Co.

“I want to thank you and Paul Reilly Company for all of your help in saving me money. I was skeptical at first when we bought our Dual Ram Garbage Compactor. We went from doing a pull a week down to a pull a month. The cost went from roughly $2000 a month to $500. The ROI was less than two years. This is a significant amount of money considering the economical environment. We then put it in a bailer for corrugated boxes. This has turned out to be the best investment yet! We are currently selling the bailed corrugated for $125/ton. We are averaging about $1000/month in total profit. The ROI for the bailer was less than a year!

You guys did a great job on my dock levelers in my Kansas City Warehouse. Couldn’t be happier with the job of the new Dock Levelers and Dock Doors you have put in my Hanover Park Warehouse.

It is hard in this day and age to find a first class family owned company to work with. You guy’s have exceeded my expectations at every level. Every project has been done with the utmost professionalism and in this environment that is hard to find. I look forward to working with you in the future. Keep up the great work!”

Larry Robinson
Wilson Pet Supply

“Paul Reilly Co. has been a fantastic partner to Northern Builders during my time here, and I know that the professional relationship between the two companies long predates me. I look forward to helping to continue it. Chris has been tremendous to work with over the years, and I know that the entire Northern construction team and I value his excellent customer service. “

Jack Voltz
Senior Project Manager
Northern Builders, Inc.